Ultra Flat Yosemite GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Ultra Flat Yosemite GTK 3.x Theme/Style



I designed this theme get inspired by flat theme style and OSX Yosemite and I made this theme based on Ultra-Flat theme.
**This theme is currently only for Unity and tested on Ubuntu 14.10 with gtk2/xfce/mate support planned for a future release.


Just unzip the file and place it in your themes directory /usr/share/themes
Icon theme:
Ultra-Flat-Icons (1.2.6)

Change Log

  • 2014/12/30 v0.1
  • 2015/01/03 v0.2
    • Fix Gtkswitch
    • Fix UnityDecoration
  • 2015/02/15 v0.3
    • Fix UnityPanel/Menu Bar

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